By walking we ask questions By walking we make a path 7-9 of June Flatbread Society with Oslo Apiary invited to a three-day journey from Losæter, Oslo, to the Henie Onstad Art Center, Bærum. This walk connects these two sites via the coastline. At once a commons and a site of rapid enclosure, this coastline will be activated by a group of bodies as a means to keep it free and open and inline with Norway’s, "all mans right to roam": allemannsretten.

Siden julen 2009 har Charity of Food arrangert juleeventet “En jul for alle” i ulike format. Fra oppstarten har fokuset vært på å skape en magisk dag i fellesskapets navn – med korsang, underholdning og samtaler rundt et bord. Et gratis julebord for alle i byen. Initiativet kom fra Charity of Food i Sverige, og desember 2016 ble det første norske arrangementet avholdt på Schous bibliotek på Grunerløkka i Oslo. Fokuset for eventet var denne gangen rettet mot matsvinn.

Aritayaki, a kind of Japanese pottery, finds its roots in the ancient ceramics town of Arita located on Kyushu Island in southern Japan. It was in this town, in the year 1616, that the Koreans first introduced the art of pottery to Japan. Up to today Arita still produces ceramics made by local craftsmen using the distinctive ingredient of clay made from crushed stone.

When I was a child, the act of painting or drawing was always the way of communication. It was also my only weapon which can protect my own realm, and make the realm visible with my own hand. When I work on illustrations, I always keep this in mind. On our latest journey to Japan we were lucky to work with Yuri in Osaka. Inspired by her work we wanted to share her story with you here.

In an economy struggling to stabilize itself after the devastating earthquakes of 2015, innovative solutions from the younger generation of changemakers brings hope for the future of the Himalayan country. Saurav Dhakal and his Green Growth team are creating waves of positive impact in both local communities and the national food systems, and similar initiatives are sprouting across the foothills of majestic mountain ranges.

In summer, rain or shine, it’s good to be in Håøya. The large and wild island in the middle of the fjord of Oslo is a horn of plenty when comes the foraging o’clock. For the last Get Away of the year, we felt like putting on our hiking boots and go exploring the edible bounty of the season for a campfire dinner between sea and forest.

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Food Studio
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Food Studio wishes to change todays food system to a more sustainable network in the near future. 4 times a year, we organise a seasonal workshop and dinner in the natural surroundings of Oslo called Get Away. Other activities range from Get Away collaborations with other likeminded individuals and projects all over the world, to seminars and field trips for larger organisations in Norway to help them make a change.

Food Studio
— Get Away

We believe that learning comes easy with first hand experience. We therefore invite you to pack your backpack and join us for a seasonal workshop and dinner where you are a part of harvesting, foraging and making dinner. We collaborate closely with knowledgeable people ranging from foragers to farmers to challenge the daily way we think about and work with food, and to open up for new ideas and solutions for future food.

Food Studio
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Food Studio is where good food meets good ideas. Where food is more than just something you eat. A place where food becomes conceptualized through physical and mental experiments. A memory. An experience. An object of theory. Art. Politics. Social interference. Cultural inheritance. An idea. If you know someone special who would enjoy this, you can give them a beautifully wrapped gift card for a Food Studio experience.

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Researcher Food Studio

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Cecilie Dawes

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