“It’s fantastic that you come here, that you’re interested in seeing and learning. But,” Sidsel smiles and exclaims: “someone has to do this work every day. Who are they? And when will they come and do it?” We are gathered around the long wooden table in the wash house. Conversation is flowing, and the heat from the fireplace is melting our backs. Fresh baked bread from the oven, soup with freshly harvested vegetables, wine in our water glasses. It’s the day before the fall Get Away, and we, the Food Studio team, are at Hegli farm in Nannestad, a short hour from the capital city.

Almost everyone that travels to Hoddevika, comes for the waves. Surrounded by mountains, the small narrow sheltered bay of Hoddevika is shielded from the worst winds, and in many ways also shielded from the everyday noise of the rest of the world. Hoddevika may have only 30 local residents and phone signals that come and go, but the area is highly connected to the rest of the world through the sea.

Since 1881 Iittala’s timeless design has gone from being familiar in Finland and Scandinavia, to becoming a well known table- and cookware brand all over the world. This particular event was meant to inspire people to rethink how we gather around tables and food. How do we set aside time to eat with friends and family? How do we not just decorate our tables for weekends and special events, but for weekdays too? Iittala wanted to focus on just this and to inspire people to make room to meet around food in their busy lives.

Foodmrkt, Emergence Projects, Food Studio and Food Evolution joined forces with Oslo Business Region to put scalable business models, sustainability and digital technology on the agenda. We asked Nordic front runners to share best practice and invited thinkers, doers and makers with an interest in being a part of the change to join us for a day of talks, discussions and actions.

Siden julen 2009 har Charity of Food arrangert juleeventet “En jul for alle” i ulike format. Fra oppstarten har fokuset vært på å skape en magisk dag i fellesskapets navn – med korsang, underholdning og samtaler rundt et bord. Et gratis julebord for alle i byen. Initiativet kom fra Charity of Food i Sverige, og desember 2016 ble det første norske arrangementet avholdt på Schous bibliotek på Grunerløkka i Oslo. Fokuset for eventet var denne gangen rettet mot matsvinn.

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Get Away Winter

We believe that learning comes easy with first hand experience. Therefore we ask you to pack your backpacks just as you would do when going into nature by yourself. Gather the tools we will use during the workshop and bring cutlery and plates for having dinner. Each Get Away is different, so we make a small guide on what to pack that you receive one week before we head out together!

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På Schous – Fra Grå Betong til Grønn Oase

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Community table – Hoddevika

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Harvesting – for the Architecture Day

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Get Away – Sandspollen

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Food Studio wishes to change todays food system to a more sustainable network in the near future. 4 times a year, we organise a seasonal workshop and dinner in the natural surroundings of Oslo called Get Away. Other activities range from Get Away collaborations with other likeminded individuals and projects all over the world, to seminars and field trips for larger organisations in Norway to help them make a change.

Food Studio
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We believe that learning comes easy with first hand experience. We therefore invite you to pack your backpack and join us for a seasonal workshop and dinner where you are a part of harvesting, foraging and making dinner. We collaborate closely with knowledgeable people ranging from foragers to farmers to challenge the daily way we think about and work with food, and to open up for new ideas and solutions for future food.

Food Studio
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Food Studio is where good food meets good ideas. Where food is more than just something you eat. A place where food becomes conceptualized through physical and mental experiments. A memory. An experience. An object of theory. Art. Politics. Social interference. Cultural inheritance. An idea. If you know someone special who would enjoy this, you can give them a beautifully wrapped gift card for a Food Studio experience.

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