Winter Wilderness
— with Oslo MET

We wanted to give the students the opportunity to get out and in touch with nature on a regular weekday, with the feeling of getting away and taking a break from everything, just enjoying nature and its peace and quiet.

Together with international students from Oslo MET and Napier University in Edinburgh we headed of in the woods. Today, many are growing up without learning any skills on how to behave in the nature, and many of us have lost ourconnection with nature, and do not longer see ourselves as a part of it. We believe that reconnecting and creating a personal relation with nature will, in addition to give you a healthy and meaningful life, also have a positive impact on the severe challenges related to climate crisis and environmental pollution. Food Studio has since its beginning been about sharing knowledge of sustainable living. And this evening was no exception, giving the students tools to create their own outdoor experiences in the future.

Photo: Nora Bergan