Food Studio / foodstudio

Visitors to the urban agricultural collective Losæter in Oslo are guaranteed to have a special experience. You´ll meet farmers with deep roots to the land working with soilless city dwellers, artists connecting with chefs and children experience food made from freshly picked vegetables. Losæter is where the diversity of ecology and culture come together in the heart of old Oslo. 

Many dinners have been paired with great beer and engaging conversations since two women in charge, Gitte Holmboe and Cecilie Dawes, met over the love for Norwegian mountains before the very first Food Studio event back in 2011. Around tables in Norway, Denmark and Japan - in woods and by lakes - it has all become sceneries to support inspiration, the birth of ideas and the co-operation to realize them. This summer, the table was set in the garden of Bøgedal in Vejle, Denmark.

We were very excited about the event that marked the beginning of The Forgotten Skills of Cooking–series – four courses in February and April 2016 where we explore food that is "alive". Through fermentation techniques from all over the world, ancient old cultures that is still used and using less used parts of meat production and turning it into a nutrition bomb.