Back to Nature
— and Sustainable Living

In the autumn of 2018, our journey towards a more harmonious existence with nature began with the purchase of Vefallneset in Drangedal Telemark. Originally known as "Strømneset," this place, cleared in the 1770s, was initially a smallholding.

In 1909, Olav Knutson Heia Neset acquired the site, constructing magnificent buildings that earned him accolades for his agricultural prowess, entrepreneurial spirit, and craftsmanship. Regarded as a local legend, his original design for the main house, inspired by a clock he purchased in Skien, is now displayed at the Drangedal village museum.

Vefallneset, once a central stop along the local steamship route, has evolved into a tranquil retreat accessible only by boat or on foot, as the former road connection no longer exists. Our desire to live more in tune with nature, finding peace within ourselves and with each other, brought us to Vefallneset.
The absence of a road forces a departure from urban life the moment one boards the boat. This inherent tranquility is what makes Vefallneset unique, and our long-term vision is to share it through a combination of small off-grid cabins and a collectively organized cooperative farm.

Our goal is to transform Vefallneset into a thriving community, regenerative agricultural production with seasonal crops and animals, attracting individuals interested in self-sufficiency and traditional craftsmanship. Having experienced community gardening and participated in cooperative farms in the city, we believe that, especially in a time when food security is a concern, these ideas should extend beyond urban areas.
In essence, Vefallneset is not just a place; it is a vision for sustainable living, a retreat where individuals and families can reconnect with nature while embracing a community-oriented, self-sufficient lifestyle. It’s a very slow, step by step process, and enjoying that process in itself is the essence of how this can be created.