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The Food Studio Collective has co-edited Farmlife together with Gestalten, the renowned German publishing house. Farmlife is a beautiful collection of portraits of people who have chosen to live off the land without giving up their creative mindset. Follow them as they carve their own path from the farm to the table and give "living on a farm" a whole new definition.

Farmers, chefs, beekeepers, florists, food activists and foragers from different corners of the world tell their stories and share their dishes.

Recipes pair with anecdotes and illustrations; be it Tom Mountz of Happy Cat Farm telling a tale of heirloom seeds in Pennsylvania, Edgmere Farm in New York transforming the concrete plot of a once abandoned parking lot into a lush organic farm, or the chefs at Stedsans creating a masterpiece of a meal in a sustainable kitchen without electricity in the woods of Sweden, Farmlife offers a story for every palate.

Co-edited by Cecilie Dawes and the Food Studio collective, Farmlife celebrates the joys and challenges of growing plants and raising animals for the sake of a good quality of life.

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In Oslo you can find it at Trondsmo and TANUM Karl Johan.

International distribution.


Brother and sister Reid and Krystal TenKley hauling in a net full of Sockeye Salmon while set netting out of a 23 foot skiff near Graveyard Point, Alaska
Cooking in the Kitchen, Tenuta di Spannocchia, Siena, Tuscany, Italy.