— New Nordic Cuisine

A wednesday in February. Forty fantastic food enthusiasts gathered in a photo studio at Lilleborg. By the entrance wooly warm socks and Hokkaido soup awaits this evenings guests. Chairs lined up in front of the stage, chit chats by the soup, the chefs busy; preparing, tasting, adding, stirring. Inspiring lectures, listening, learning. Outdoors: Snow. The cold. Indoors: Warmth. Laughter, cooled cider straight from the pile of snow outside.

People sit down by the long tables, candle light, beer and aquavit, raw milk. The sound of pots and pans, delightful flavours flowing from the open kitchen area, conversations, concentration, a combination of tastes, traditional evening food turned into something new, seasonal produce. A singer and his guitar, heartaching and quirky, melodies mixing with mouthfuls.

Smiles and raised glasses, shoulders down, volume up. A regular wednesday, no longer regular. Inspiring, interesting. Coffee, dessert, a selection of cheeses, cocktails. Input, some good for the body, some good for the mind. All good for the soul.

The Opening of Food Studio.

Thanks to all of the fantastic people who made this evening come true: Dreyer Hensley for the beautiful location, Jon-Frede Engdahl and Berit Swensen for their inspiring lectures, Janicke Sæther from DogA for being a great conférencier, Sigurd Reinton i Kulturselskapet for great technical work, Johan Jørgensen for the music, Stina Vaa Rom and Lise Brunborg from Den Andre Cafeen for fantastic cooking, Anders Bakke from Oslo Cocktail Conference for their magnificent cocktails, Robert Thoresen and Kaffa for the extraordinary Chemex coffee, Nina R. Engebretsen at Ulvang for the warm woolen socks, Niklas in Tingstad for the packaging, Røtter for beeing the sweetest; helping out in every possible way, fantastic products from Uksum Gard, Fokhol Gård, Ramme Gaard, Korsvoll gård, Kongsgården, Hagegata kooperativ, Den Blinde Ku, Røros Meieriet, Grøstad Gris and Holli Mølle, Finstad herbs, Ægir and Sølvpilen from Cask Moestue, Balholm for cider and aquavit, Økologisk Spesialkorn, Andreas Anker-Schultz for the wooden plates, Grønli Engebretsen Arkitekter for lazer burning & Kolonihagen for their guiding help and generous contributions.