Winter Wilderness
— St.Olaf College

This was a guided day trip in Nordmarka for 24 students at St.Olaf College. Food Studio shared knowledge about outdoor activities and sustainable lifestyles, as well as the philosophy behind food empathy, and gave the students and teachers the tools to continue to be positive drivers of change related to climate and the environment.

Today, many are growing up without learning any skills on how to behave in nature, and many of us have lost our connection with nature, and no longer see ourselves as a part of it. We believe that reconnecting and creating a personal relation with nature will, in addition to giving you a healthy and meaningful life, also have a positive impact on the severe challenges related to climate crisis and environmental pollution. Food Studio has since its beginning been about sharing knowledge of sustainable living. And this day was no exception, giving the students some tools to create their own outdoor experiences in the future. 

Taking a hike in the forest is part of a great Norwegian tradition, it is what we call «friluftsliv», and many of us take it for granted. Oslo is a very special situated city with its surrounding forests, and offers great nature experiences close by. We wanted to take the students on a hike on a trail without artificial lighting, and make our camp off trail, close to a nice little river. Here we made a fire together from foraged materials in the wood together with logs we brought from my cottage.

The team behind this day was nature guide Irene Hirsti-Kvam, Food Studios founder Cecilie Dawes and photographer and writer Marte Garmann. 

The menu was seasonal with a warm stew based on “svedje rug” and beans topped with a nordic kale pesto, served with sourdough bread from Ille brød. For dessert we made apple “sveler” and herbal tea from Blad&Blom in Trondheim.

Text: Cecilie Dawes

Photo: Marte Garmann