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"Norway violates the human rights of indigenous people. I feel it deep down in my spine. In November I went to Fosen and photographed and filmed the facts. I stood close and witnessed what the landscape looked like. I was there for two days before I was unable to stay there any longer. It was too painful. The wind turbines on Fosen must be demolished, and the land returned to the Fosen Sami" - Jannik Abel.

This year has been all about finding new ways to share our knowledge. One of the projects we have been working on is the e-bok Gathering together with Nordic Roots. Nordic Roots is a deeper, slower «time pocket» for the sharing knowledge, wisdom, and creativity from people who easily see the many opportunities to live a life more aligned with themselves and nature, both in their business and in their private life.

At the moment I am sitting overlooking the fjord of and the mountains of Saltdal having a winter break in the north of Norway. There is a peaceful quietness after a storm yesterday. The sun is slowly waking up in the winterlandscape, breaking through in dots on the mountains around. One of the most valuable teachings of last year has the importance of this rest, this silence after a storm. How this is where we regenerate, where we charge, and get ready for the next round.

2019 was the year Oslo was awarded the status of European Green Capital. 675 environment-related events around Oslo's streets, buildings and nature. In December, the stage was set for the final feast, and the Food Studio provided guidance on the menu and décor. A mix of local residents, politicians and organizers poured into the main entrance to City Hall on December 16.

WWOOF is a worldwide movement bringing people to a more sustainable way of life. By linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange, thereby helping to build a sustainable, global community. This summer Linda Bovo and her friend Davide Carminati joined our first season at Vefall Neset farm in Drangedal as Wwoffers.

Four years ago, on one dark, melancholic winter’s eve, I found myself lying on the couch watching Netflix. Sounds familiar, right? The problem was, for me at that time, it felt like the only thing I could master.  Yes, I went to work. Yup, I did the dishes and the laundry. I prepared food, showered and walked my dog. But compared to what I used to be able to do and what I longed to do it felt like all I did was lay on the couch, barely processing what I was watching.

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Virgernes – Community Shared Agriculture

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Oslo´s City Farmer – Bybonden

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På Schous – Fra Grå Betong til Grønn Oase

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Community table – Hoddevika

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With good and honest food we mean food that both tastes good, has a positive impact on our health, food that´s responsibly produced, food that´s a result of plants and animals being treated well, and food that inspires us!

Food Studio
— About

Food Studio wishes to change todays food system to a more sustainable network in the near future. 4 times a year, we organise a seasonal workshop and dinner in the natural surroundings of Oslo called Get Away. Other activities range from Get Away collaborations with other likeminded individuals and projects all over the world, to seminars and field trips for larger organisations in Norway to help them make a change.

Food Studio
— Get Away

We believe that learning comes easy with first hand experience. We therefore invite you to pack your backpack and join us for a seasonal workshop and dinner where you are a part of harvesting, foraging and making dinner. We collaborate closely with knowledgeable people ranging from foragers to farmers to challenge the daily way we think about and work with food, and to open up for new ideas and solutions for future food.

Food Studio
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Food Studio is where good food meets good ideas. Where food is more than just something you eat. A place where food becomes conceptualized through physical and mental experiments. A memory. An experience. An object of theory. Art. Politics. Social interference. Cultural inheritance. An idea. If you know someone special who would enjoy this, you can give them a beautifully wrapped gift card for a Food Studio experience.