27 May 14

Spirit of the Sea
— A Kinfolk Gathering

On Norway’s 200th National Day, May 17th, 2014, we hosted a dinner on behalf of Kinfolk. The theme of the evening was l'ésprit de la mer – the spirit of the sea– so we headed out to an island in the Oslo Fjord, while other sea inspired Kinfolk dinners were going on in many different corners of the world.

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«Food Studio is about sharing stories of people that believe in good and honest food.»

With good and honest food we mean food that both tastes good, has a positive impact on our health, food that´s responsibly produced, food that´s a result of plants and animals being treated well, and food that inspires us!


Food Studio
— Table Talks

Food Studio wishes to invite food enthusiasts to Table Talks, a place to meet new acquaintances, share culinary experiences and enjoy the wonders of good and honest food. Ranging from themes as the New Nordic Cuisine, sourdough and street food to BBQ chef challenges and edible weeds, Table Talks aims to serve you a taste of both knowledge and new inspiring flavours!

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Food Studio
— Workshop

Food Studio Workshop offers different courses and creative sessions, all related to topics within the world of gastronomy. Food Studio Workshop collaborates closely with knowledgeable chefs, researchers and producers to challenge the daily way we think about and work with food, and to open up for new ideas and solutions for future food.

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Food Studio
— Food Lab

Food Lab is where good food meets good ideas. Where food is more than just something you eat. A place where food becomes conceptualized through physical and mental experiments. A memory. An experience. An object of theory. Art. Politics. Social interference. Cultural inheritance. An idea.

Whether working with independent individuals or established actors Food Lab wishes to challenge the idea of food as just food.