Food Studio / Get Away

Many dinners have been paired with great beer and engaging conversations since two women in charge, Gitte Holmboe and Cecilie Dawes, met over the love for Norwegian mountains before the very first Food Studio event back in 2011. Around tables in Norway, Denmark and Japan - in woods and by lakes - it has all become sceneries to support inspiration, the birth of ideas and the co-operation to realize them. This summer, the table was set in the garden of Bøgedal in Vejle, Denmark.

This summer, Food Studio crossed the sea to bring a Nordic Get Away experience to the french capital. It was so much fun to go the the farmer's market in Paris in July with a lot of different vegetables and herbs that are hard to come by in Oslo. This time we tried to use the whole plant, which means the root, the fruit and the leaves, just like we learned in the herbology workshop. We planned five different dishes, but ended up with nine just by using as much as possible.

After a long, hot summer, the woods are changing and preparing for autumn. The change can be felt in the air, which is now filled with the smells of berries, herbs and fungus. It is the time just before harvest, and the time when the cattle come back from summer dairy. It is the warmest month of the year, when the fish seek to the deepest part of the lakes to cool off. The dense forest is moist, hot and mystically dark – intensively yielding its last produce before the inset of autumn.