Food Studio / Recipe

As a member of the Koperativet you get a bag of the best seasonal and locally produced vegetables from biodynamic or organic farmers. Food from farmers who run their farms with great dedication, knowledge and love. We have used these bags as the starting point for our courses and when you have the ingredients in your kitchen. Your job is to use, prepare and enjoy this food so that all the love and nourishment contained in the raw materials becomes available to you.

Foraging salad

This year saw Grafill host its 20th annual Visuelt conference for participants in the creative industry, and Food Studio was tasked with providing the food concept for the entire event. Making sure over 400 conference goers were kept fed and watered with healthy, natural food is no small feat, so we were delighted to be working with Magnus Morveto and his team at Kantina Westerdals. Here are some of their recipes.

For this event Food Studio played host to the remarkable Danish craft brewery Bøgedal, located some 200km to the west of Copenhagen. Gitte Holmboe made the journey over from Denmark to personally present each of the beers she would be serving and she was joined by chef Thomas Randsøe, who had put together a five course seafood menu that would best showcase Bøgedal's beers.

On the 20.07.12 Maaemo, Tim Wendelboe and Food Studio arranged a tribute to the forest and the joys it has to offer. You know, like the smell of the air right after a rainfall, the crackling of a bonfire, the taste of wild growing herbs and fresh picked berries. The 20 lucky guests, who had raced all over Oslo to get their tickets, were served a five-course dinner prepared in open air by the innovative chefs from Maaemo. Here are the recipes for two of the dishes.