By the Akerselva river
— Maaemo

On the 20.07.12 Maaemo, Tim Wendelboe and Food Studio arranged a tribute to the forest and the joys it has to offer. You know, like the smell of the air right after a rainfall, the crackling of a bonfire, the taste of wild growing herbs and fresh picked berries. The 20 lucky guests, who had raced all over Oslo to get their tickets, were served a five-course dinner prepared in open air by the innovative chefs from Maaemo. Here are the recipes for two of the dishes.

Mackerel & Ramson
2 persons

• 2 cleaned filets of (very) fresh mackerel
• 1 liter of pickle brine (1 part sugar, 2 part vinegar, 3 part water, salt to taste)
• 150 g cleaned garlic
• 100 g cream
• 300 g fresh ramson
• 200 g of sunflower oil
• 90 g canola oil
• 50 g of balsamic apple vinegar
• some wild ramson flowers
• some wild violet flowers

Blanche the garlic 2 times. Boil the garlic in the cream until it reaches puré texture. Mix and
Mix the fresh ramson with the sunflower oil and strain. Mix half of the ramson oil with the
apple balsamic vinegar. Mix the other half of the ramson oil with the garlic puré.
Pickle the mackerel in the brine for 11 minutes.
Gently heat the sauce and the puré.
Serve with wild flowers and the sauce poured tableside.


Butter from Røros

Ice cream:

• 270 g sugar
• 1200 g whole milk
• 163 g browned butter
• 11 egg yolks

Bring the milk and sugar to boil and pour over the egg yolks. Heat the mix to 80 degrees celsius, and  add the browned butter. Cool down and freeze in Paco Jet containers.


• 450 g hazelnuts
• 200 g sugar
• 100 g flour
• 95 g browned butter

Mix all the ingredients and freeze in a vacuum bag. When frozen grind on large microplane and bake in the oven until golden. Put aside to cool down.


• 350 g cream
• 100 g browned butter
• 230 g of brewed natural coffee
• 290 g sugar
• 30 g malt syrup

Mix all the ingredients and cook in casserole to thick syrup texture.

Serve with crumble in the bottom of a deep plate with the ice cream on top. Pour over a spoon of the molasses sauce. Enjoy.

Photos: Anders Valde