— Solstice celebration

Sankthans is the Norwegian tradition of gathering around a bonfire and celebrating solstice under the luminous sky.

After months of darkness there is a special kind of longing after the sun. You’ll find it in every living being, from the smallest bacteria to the very bodies that we are given. Like a reptile sunbathing during the morning hours, spring and summer gradually energize us.

Then suddenly, the deficit becomes a surplus which climaxes in June. The sun refuses to move, it insists on sleepless nights and flavorsome strawberries. Sankthans, or midsummer, marks the summer solstice and the longest days of the year.

At Hegli, we gathered and celebrated this occasion together. With the pale summer sky as our backdrop, we cooked and ate what the farm had to offer. A pork roast, vegetables from the garden and bread made on the griddle.

While sitting there, day became evening and evening turned to dusk. But the luminous sky insisted on keeping us company the whole night through.

Photography by Jo Straube