— Food x Music

The association between music festivals and food is not, typically, a happy one. While the bands may be world-class the food, sadly, is often not. No, festivals are for listening to live music at ear-shredding volumes, and if you want gourmet grub then go to a restaurant. But what if the restaurant, a Michelin-starred one at that, came to the festival?


The Last Supper
— Daisuke Yoshimoto

Food Studio together with chef Magnus Morveto from Food Evolution had the privilege of hosting a dinner and performance with the 76 year old butoh dancer Daisuke Yoshimoto on his last international tour. The location of “ The Last Supper” was in the bakehouse and the beautiful surroundings at Losæter.


— A Christmas party

The darkness has dawned upon us, there's frost in the air. In an old brick building, now a studio, a group of people are gathered, young and old, together. When we venture into the night later in the evening, no one is a stranger to each other any more. We've come here to take part in a Christmas table, which is true to the Norwegian tradition.


Tomorrow's Food
— A Guide for Cooks

Thomas Harttung, the man Time magazine calls a hero of the environment, presents a few ideas for how cooks can help improve our food systems at MAD 2015.


— New Nordic Cuisine

A wednesday in February. Forty fantastic food enthusiasts gathered in a photo studio at Lilleborg. By the entrance wooly warm socks and Hokkaido soup awaits this evenings guests. Chairs lined up in front of the stage, chit chats by the soup, the chefs busy; preparing, tasting, adding, stirring. Inspiring lectures, listening, learning. Outdoors: Snow. The cold. Indoors: Warmth. Laughter, cooled cider straight from the pile of snow outside.


— Open Akker

The 26 of October we were invited to join the procession for a new pasant movement "Open Akker" with Future Farmers in Brussels. We stepped out from your landscape. The millers, the bee keepers, the sowers, the horses, the gardeners, the wood cutters, the harvesters, the bakers and the magicians. Not one of us has forgotten you! We continue to exist with the gesture you gave us in the Pajottenland. We tell you with a wink that you might once have understood us, but now we live among new tricks.


Meet Max Hansen
— Chef in Charge

Max Hansen is a Dane, born in the outskirts of Helsingør/Elsinore where he was raised with his five brothers. He is a chef, a celebrated chef. When Food Studio shared the duties of organising a pop-up dinner in Ålesund, he was in charge of the kitchen together with colleague Kasper Nikolajsen and provided a fantastic dinner cooked exclusively with local ingredients.We couldn't miss the chance to interview him and talk about his views on Norwegian food, managing restaurants and hyper-stuffed lunch boxes.


— Jon-Frede Engdahl

"With these kinds of projects one must be surrounded by passionate souls, by people that love what they do and what they stand for." Jon-Frede Engdahl reaches out his hand and offers a good cup of coffee. It’s easy to talk with him about raw materials, market shares, possibilities, ecology and idealism. One story leads to another and, before you know it, it’s lunchtime and the restaurant is suddenly filled with hungry women and young mothers on maternity leave.


— Inn i granskauen

For this event Food Studio played host to the remarkable Danish craft brewery Bøgedal, located some 200km to the west of Copenhagen. Gitte Holmboe made the journey over from Denmark to personally present each of the beers she would be serving and she was joined by chef Thomas Randsøe, who had put together a five course seafood menu that would best showcase Bøgedal's beers.


Berit Swensen
— VitalAnalyse

The birds and the bees, farmers and business. Why viable agriculture is important for soil, society and you. Never in history have so few produced so much. Successful streamlining you may think? But what effect does this have on our food? And what is in our food, actually? What do we really know about the complex context in which our food grows?


Dining in the dark
— Four photographers

When creative worlds collide, magic happens. Pudder Agency collaborated with Food Studio on the launch of a new branch representing four photographers, creating three different spaces referencing to the world of photography - the Lightroom, Darkroom and Outback.


— The Secret Gardens

« Where you tend a rose my lad, a thistle cannot grow. » Francis Hodgson Burnett. To awaken your imagination, I’ll begin this piece with a brief recount of the story of ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ in Burnett’s 1911 children’s classic The Secret Garden. The protagonist, Mary Lennox, is a sickly, ill-tempered young orphan who is sent to the Yorkshire countryside to live with her estranged uncle, Master Craven, a reclusive hunchback who is paralyzed by grief after the loss of his wife.


— A village feast at Bygdøy

A meeting of man, nature and food. We invited some of Oslo’s best chefs to use local ingredients in their cooking - all from the beautiful, lush and green countryside of Bygdøy, which lies within Oslo's borders and close to the inner city.


— An organic week

ØKOSLO week recently took place from 14th to the 20th of October. Food studio participated in this inspiring experience and project that showed that Oslo has a lot more to offer concerning organic food culture.


— Låvefesten

To celebrate the end of ØKOUKA 2014, everyone was invited for a final feast at Bygdøy. ØKOUKA, the ecological week in Oslo, was filled with workshops, lectures and meetings between city dwellers and farmers. Bygdøy Kongsgård and the community gardens at Hengsengen are one of the finest examples in Oslo where these two worlds meet.


Breakfast, Forsmak
— Vulkan Mathall

Food Studio got up at 5 a.m. to spread and pack 2000 sandwiches, serving up a tasty, organic and free breakfast to Oslos' early birds, together with Trøbbelskyter and Mathallen Vulkan! Food Studios goal was to challenge the government's requirement of 15% of all food turnover in 2020 being organic. Food Studio went for 50%.
Photos: Christoffer Johannesen