Berit Swensen
— VitalAnalyse

The birds and the bees, farmers and business. Why viable agriculture is important for soil, society and you. Never in history have so few produced so much. Successful streamlining you may think? But what effect does this have on our food? And what is in our food, actually? What do we really know about the complex context in which our food grows?

The mass disappearance of bees and other pollinators worldwide is a strong signal that something is wrong. Insecticides and monocultures are known causes, but are they the only causes? Maybe we should dig deeper into the mystery: How is agriculture affected by modern food production? How must the fundamental techniques in agriculture and agricultural politics change to survive in the future?

As a part of the ”Biologisk-dynamisk” association seminar at Litteraturhuset in January, regarding the relationship between agriculture and modern food production, Berit Swensen speaks about what she calls the “Demeter Diet” and the link between healthy food and healthy agriculture. She also gives us an insight into research on crystallizing and “ladder pictures”; the latter is a method of characterizing differences in the quality of conventionally, organically and biodynamically grown food.

Photos: Jon-Frede Engdahl