Food Studio / passion for ocean

This summer, Food Studio has teamed up with two organisations who raise awareness about caring for our environment through outdoor activities and experiences: Passion for Ocean and Incredible Globe. Free-diving was on the menu, as well as a solid session of beach cleaning before sitting around the table for a dinner of fresh fish and local vegetables.

Almost everyone that travels to Hoddevika, comes for the waves. Surrounded by mountains, the small narrow sheltered bay of Hoddevika is shielded from the worst winds, and in many ways also shielded from the everyday noise of the rest of the world. Hoddevika may have only 30 local residents and phone signals that come and go, but the area is highly connected to the rest of the world through the sea.

Tavaha [ta-va,-ha-] means to take care of the ocean. The word is used to describe a culture where we are aware of and take care of the life surrounding us in the ocean when we use it. The ocean has always taken care of us, and we cannot live without it. It connects us. It connects the world.