—Losæter Feast

We believe that we all need to be ambassadors of food empathy if we are going to change the food system and the challenges we are facing today. By Food Empathy we mean the essential understanding of what food is, where it comes from and the journey it has undertaken, the resources spent from sun, soil and grass, how it enriches not just our souls, but how our bodies are made and nourished and how it finally returns to nature when we throw it away or digest it. In short, an understanding of the great wheel of sustenance and how it comes full circle.


— Låvefesten

To celebrate the end of ØKOUKA 2014, everyone was invited for a final feast at Bygdøy. ØKOUKA, the ecological week in Oslo, was filled with workshops, lectures and meetings between city dwellers and farmers. Bygdøy Kongsgård and the community gardens at Hengsengen are one of the finest examples in Oslo where these two worlds meet.


— Food x Music

The association between music festivals and food is not, typically, a happy one. While the bands may be world-class the food, sadly, is often not. No, festivals are for listening to live music at ear-shredding volumes, and if you want gourmet grub then go to a restaurant. But what if the restaurant, a Michelin-starred one at that, came to the festival?


— And ancient grains

An evening in April Food Studio arranged a tribute evening to the old-fashioned baking traditions that in the 90's were on their way off breakfast tables across Norway. Now, this traditional craft is on it´s way back, with growing interest amongst hobby bakers, professionals, food bloggers and other baking devotees.


— The Secret Gardens

« Where you tend a rose my lad, a thistle cannot grow. » Francis Hodgson Burnett. To awaken your imagination, I’ll begin this piece with a brief recount of the story of ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ in Burnett’s 1911 children’s classic The Secret Garden. The protagonist, Mary Lennox, is a sickly, ill-tempered young orphan who is sent to the Yorkshire countryside to live with her estranged uncle, Master Craven, a reclusive hunchback who is paralyzed by grief after the loss of his wife.


The Last Supper
— Daisuke Yoshimoto

Food Studio together with chef Magnus Morveto from Food Evolution had the privilege of hosting a dinner and performance with the 76 year old butoh dancer Daisuke Yoshimoto on his last international tour. The location of “ The Last Supper” was in the bakehouse and the beautiful surroundings at Losæter.


— An organic week

ØKOSLO week recently took place from 14th to the 20th of October. Food studio participated in this inspiring experience and project that showed that Oslo has a lot more to offer concerning organic food culture.


Berit Swensen
— VitalAnalyse

The birds and the bees, farmers and business. Why viable agriculture is important for soil, society and you. Never in history have so few produced so much. Successful streamlining you may think? But what effect does this have on our food? And what is in our food, actually? What do we really know about the complex context in which our food grows?