Why the World
— Needs Antropologists

This October we were invited to create an experience for the speakers and partners for the conference WWNA / Why the World Needs Antropologists in Oslo with the theme: Sustaining Cities. The aim was to bring together hands and minds that build our cities with a view to inspire and incite action, foster fruitful collaborations and exchange ideas and practices towards participating actively in the cities we live, build and work in.

Why The World Needs Anthropologists is a provocatively titled annual showdown, bursting out of the intersections of human-centred, critically oriented academia and innovative creative industries.

The event includes immersive plenary sessions, engagement with like-minded creative professionals, students and graduates at the City Hotspot exhibition, the opportunity to test, learn and investigate new services products, and ideas at exclusive thematic workshops and wow that pulsing crowd with your perspectives case study presentations. On top of all that, we’ve partnered with iconic local venues to showcase Oslo’s finest urban face and your most experimental dance moves and after all’s said and done at WWNA19, we’d love to have you sipping a well earned Sunday coffee with your hosts, at the annual European Applied Anthropology Network Meeting, before being whisked off on your tour of the city’s sights.