Food Studio / Future Farmers

The 26 of October we were invited to join the procession for a new pasant movement "Open Akker" with Future Farmers in Brussels. We stepped out from your landscape. The millers, the bee keepers, the sowers, the horses, the gardeners, the wood cutters, the harvesters, the bakers and the magicians. Not one of us has forgotten you! We continue to exist with the gesture you gave us in the Pajottenland. We tell you with a wink that you might once have understood us, but now we live among new tricks.

Grinding grains to make bread is not exactly our latest asset: groundstones have been found in the Australian region of New South Wales some 30,000 years ago, which makes aboriginal people the first to realize that mixing and baking ground cereals and water results in something not only edible, but also pretty tasty! Flatbreads are human's best friends. They were a way to preserve any kind of grain or cereal gathered in the wild or cultivated, and are now proud ambassadors to their cultures of origin. Lefse, lavosh, tortilla, arepa, injeera, chapati, pita, naan, roti, knekkebrød, pane carasau... so many different names, so few ingredients going into this staple food.