Nordic Satya Retreat
— Voss, Norway

The Norwegian mountains realms painted the backdrop for an exploration into the world’s oldest, unbroken traditions of self-healing and spiritual awakening.

S.A.T.Y.A stands for Synergistic Alignment of Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda. The question was raised: is there an emergence of  a Nordic Ayurveda, and how could we adapt the ancient Vedic sciences to our northern ecology?

For six days Uma Inder guided us through the power of self-knowledge – to make sense of place and purpose – and to optimise functionality on all levels by purifying and protecting our bodily instruments from a perspective of higher awareness. She talked and showed us how to eat, rest and enjoy ourselves in ways that enrich the very core of our beings while teaching us principles of self-care and how to adopt daily regimens that support our personal way of being in the Nordic world and beyond.

Mjølfjell Ungdomsherberge and the nurturing nature of Voss, boardering Hardangervidda, served as the perfect surroundings. Thank you Uma for the experience. Read more here –

The week was organized by nordic community Thea Nordby, Mira Beckstrøm Laurantzon, Nina Sahraoui, Cecilie Dawes, Berit Indset, Silje Aarebrot and Caroline Hargreaves.

Photography by Marthe Fjellberg Magerøy, Jasmin Avalo & Nina Sahraoui