Get Away Spring
— Harbingers of May

In the spring of 2015, we travelled to Eidsvoll to pick, forage and enjoy the fresh greens together with foragers Nina Berge and Britt Kornum. Join us on our walk from the church of Eidsvoll to "Verdens Ende", the End of the World.

Thanks to Britt and Øyvind for opening up their home in Eidsvoll and donating a rooster, spring vegetables and rhubarb wine, Bergsmyrene Gård and Røtter for vegetables, Jøndal Økologiske Bakeri for freshly milled spelt (making bread was such a pleasure!), Røisilien Bigård Minnesund for honey, and all of our guests for foraging, making dinner and wonderful company!

Read about our day in Eidsvoll and have a look at the menu of the evening.

Photographs by Svein G. Kjøde