A Classrom
— In the fields

We have always believed that the best way to learn is by experiencing. That´s why we took a day out in the field, to experience the circle from field to fork, from grain to bread and from food waste to soil.

We question why we try to teach circular thinking on a blackboard inside a classroom? There is a wide acceptance that we need to teach our pupils how to adapt to a world that is changing, that we need to take care and restore our resources for generations ahead and that we have no time to loose. Still most of this teaching is done inside a classroom, with no opportunity for the pupils to connect directly to the circle itself.

Food Studio believes that Food Empathy is developed through a combination of personal sensory formative experiences and maturation of the self into our common cultural heritage, which food is a huge part of. Experience is what is needed for knowledge to be integrated and provide a foundation for development. When something is experienced, felt and sensed, connections that otherwise might be lost are created instead.