— Låvefesten

To celebrate the end of ØKOUKA 2014, everyone was invited for a final feast at Bygdøy. ØKOUKA, the ecological week in Oslo, was filled with workshops, lectures and meetings between city dwellers and farmers. Bygdøy Kongsgård and the community gardens at Hengsengen are one of the finest examples in Oslo where these two worlds meet.

Before everyone sat down for dinner, the guests could choose between three workshops taking place at Kongsgården or at the gardens at Hengsengen. Ragna Jørgersen from BYBI talked about the bees of Oslo, Anders Næss told the story of ancient grains and Linda Jolly showed her guests the importance of compost.

Inside the barn volunteers prepared 3 long tables for 125 guests, while the cooks prepared the dinner outside on a temporarily kitchen. Most of the ingredients are harvested at Bygdøy, the vegetables at the gardens of Hengsengen, the milk and meat comes from Kongsgården, and the bread is baked by Anders Næss with ancient grains. Magnus Morveto from Food Evolution and Johan Laursen from Fru K, the cooks behind this evening’s dinner, built the different dishes around what was available at Bygdøy at the time of the season. Included in the menu were also two musical dishes, performed by Ester Orkester.

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Film: Kristian Paulsen

Photographs: Svein G. Kjøde