January Brunch
— Factory Tøyen

This January brunch is a co-creation between Elizabeth Gundersen, Cecilie Dawes, and Marte Garman. We all work with food, health, education, and storytelling, and coming together in this potent time of year to create together is a beautiful and expanding process for us all. Since the two of us are transitioning back to work after having a child, and Marte had this experience early in her life, we have learned a lot from each other. This balance of being an entrepreneur and a mother is not easy – society is not set up for that – but what we have learned is how we can change the way we work and how to support each other.

Food Studio’s intention behind this event is to gather in settings where we mix with people outside our everyday circles. We need dialogue with not only like-minded people to expand our understanding of why things are the way they are. And we need to hug more and share food made with love.

Food Studios’ primary emphasis is to share knowledge about Food Empathy. How to gather, forage and make food that holds the story of possible ways of living sustainably in all meanings of the word. Through this gathering, we want to give you a taste of the wisdom Food Studio has collected through years of initiating tables where people can meet over well-cooked meals in kitchens, halls, lawns, and in the fields.

Who we are

Cecilie Dawes is the founding owner of Food Studio and has gathered people with her sincere taste for food quality and nature connection since 2011. She is an entrepreneur and consultant with broad experience in communications, product and concept development, and sustainable thinking within the food industry, green tourism, and education. Cecilie has worked with

many of the core food developers in Norway, trailblazers like Maaemo, Økouka, Losæter, Dagens, and Øyafestivalen, and the big players like Norgesgruppen, Coop, and Rema1000 with the goal of creating change. Functioning as a weaver and knowledge broker, she offers inspirational gatherings in the form of food talks, workshops, and nature walks, where she emphasizes being an agent for change, food empathy, and gatherings as core values in society.

Elizabeth Gilman is a food medicine creator, forager and consultant living in Oslo, Norway (from California) that is fusing the science of nutrition and the art of healthy eating. Recognized for bringing comprehensive knowledge across organic, sustainable, and nutritional cuisine that is translated into experiences and meals with an innovative–and delicious–approach. Over 12 years’ experience running a successful catering business, managing a large staff, and cultivating relationships with farmers and other service providers to deliver true farm-to-table experiences with the highest quality ingredients. Now working as an nutrition consultant and a concept developer around healthy and delicious food concepts.

Marte Garmann is an entrepreneur, editor, photographer, and storyteller with food as medicine (and joy) as a core passion in work and life. She is the founding partner in IBY-Oslo (innholdsbyraet.no), a content bureau working with sustainable businesses and book production as a primary source for high-quality content. They have made cookbooks for Rørosmeieriet and Godt Brød and are now making the 25th-anniversary cookbook for Åpent Bakeri. Marte has also started the website Nordic Roots (nordicroots.life), where she will share recipes, articles, and e-books on topics related to health, nature, and creativity.

Nordic Roots will feature an e-book with Cecilie and Food Studio this spring, where Cecilie will share all her knowledge about sustainable gatherings.


This time we had paper flowers from studio Peel; “Through my work, I explore the relationship between nature and humanity; transforming flowers I know and distorting them into otherworldly sculptures. I am also fascinated by fading and dying flowers; I love how they curl and swirl in the most beautiful ways just before they lose their petals. I often pick or buy flowers to watch them decay day by day, challenging what the very essence of natural beauty is” – Anne Peel.

We do our brunches as an extension of the community Christina have startet in Factory Tøyen on Thursdays with her yoga classes. Christina is concerned that yoga is for everyone, regardless of starting point, and you work from yourself, concerning your own needs. You don’t have to be soft or an experienced “yogi” to participate! Yoga at Factory Tøyen every Thursday at 07.30-08.30 and 09.00-10.00.

The main chef of the brunch is Elizabeth Gundersen, holistic nutrition chef, originally from California. We wanted to create a meal that was good for the planet and our bodies. This winter season, warm one-pot meals feel the most nourishing for us in the cold nordic winters.

The Menu
This Thursday we are serving a bean stew, with sprouted mung beans and kidney beans with a hint of corriander and chili. The stew is topped with food studios signature green pesto and horseradish.

With the soup we have glutenfree buns and whipped Røros butter with sourcream and herbs.

For dessert we have a carrot and apple cake made with oat, almond flour, and organic kefir (the cake is gluten free). As the vegan- gluten free option we have black pepper oat cookies with dried cranberries.

Coffee and tea offered from Factory Tøyen.

Factory Tøyen is a newly renovated factory building from 1911 sets the framework for the office community at Factory Tøyen, a place with a focus on design, environment, sustainability and harmony.

Photo: Marte Garmann

Text: Marte Garmann, Elizabeth Gundersen and Cecilie Dawes