Get Away - In Nature

Once an old homestead, this living treasure is nestled deep in the Norwegian woods. Our super friendly and knowledgeable hosts will guide you through a whole range of hands-on experiences from cooking on fire in the outdoors and baking bread in our traditional oven, canoeing in the lake and sharing stories around the fire. Immerse yourself in nature and find focus by learning practical ways that we can give something back to the land. All this is set by the tranquil waters of Tokke Lake just 3 hours south of Oslo via a rejuvenating train journey through the countryside. Make your booking today and ensure your place on this very special summer event!

ARRIVALS: Friday 28. august– VY train 16.25 (arrive Drangedal 19.11)

FINISH: Sunday 30. august, after breakfast – VY train 13.58 (arrive Oslo 16.25)

Cecilie Dawes, Founder Food Studio – Oslo Norway
Cecilie spent her early years between pine forest and the mountains of Norway where she grew a deep connection to the Scandinavian outdoors. In 2011 she founded Food Studio as a collective of game-changers rethinking the idea of sustainable modern lifestyle, and is currently a central force in the sustainability movement in Oslo, continuing the cross pollination of ideas and practices.

Irene Hirsti Kvam, Outdoor tour guide and teacher – Oslo, Norway
Irene has over the years spent great amount of time on a variety of different studies, from teaching, to science and philosophy, to outdoor tour guiding and organic farming. In addition to this she has volunteered in a solidarity and environmental organization, and worked on a big project to make one of the world’s first Climate houses in Oslo. The recurring theme has always been nature, to teach how to understand, interact with and enjoy nature.

Emmanuel Rang, Baker and massage therapist – Lyon, France
Emmanuel grew up in France where he was schooled as a professional baker. After a year as a paratrooper and uninspired to bake, he rediscovered his excitement for baking in his old teachers sourdough bread. He found passion where science meets human interaction, and in 1998 he founded Åpent Bakeri. He has a massage therapist education from Axelson Body Work School of and are currently finishing his education in Rosen therapy.

Caroline Hargreaves is a natural therapist and integration guide. She is currently offering the timeless practice of forest therapy, on a quest to explore the healing qualities of nature. Caroline has a background from political science and international peace processes, and is now devoted to becoming a diplomat between the natural and human world. She is the founder of Norwegian Sage, a source of inspiration for self-realization and service to our inner and outer nature.

Kristin Føyn Føyen, facilitator – Oslo, Norway
Kristin will make sure that your needs during this weekend are taken care of. Any questions regarding the get away or special needs taken care of – do not hesitate to contact her! Kristin has a degree in social anthropology and organic farming, and is eager to reconnect people with nature, getting a better understanding of ourselves, each other, and the resources surrounding us.

Food Empathy
By «Food Empathy» we mean the essential understanding of what food is. Where food comes from. The journey it has undertaken. The resources spent from sun, soil and grass. How it enriches not just our souls, but also builds and nourishes our bodies. And how it finally returns to nature when we throw food away or digest it. In short, an understanding of the great wheel of sustaining life and how it comes full circle. With great love and real passion for food, we always bring a special chef to make sure all our meals follow our vision of Food Emapthy. More updates on this later.

Every day will have a rhythm of a slow start, optional morning practice, breakfast outdoor on the fire, workshops, warm lunch at noon, open time to do what you like and an evening supper.

Through the weekend we will explore different workshops on practise related to:
– Food (philosophy, nutrition, growing, fishing, foraging, cooking)
– Mind (Ayurveda, meditation)
– Spa (massage, mud, sauna)
– Movement (yoga, walks, forest, bathing, paddeling)
– Craft (wood fire, baking)
– Nature skills (building gapahuk)

There are multiple options for accomodation. The first night we recommend booking a spot in the lavo, getting the most out of this in nature experience. There is however a limited amount of space due to corona restricions, so to ensure a spot here, please book early. Alternatively you can sleep inside the homestead where there are single floor mattresses available. You can of course also bring your own tent or hammock!
The second night we will sleep in our self-made gapahuk, falling asleep to the soothing sounds of the forest.

We recommend co-driving we will send info of where to go, 2,5 hour from Oslo.
Train journey: From Oslo S – Drangedal (with service to Stavanger). We will arrange for a group pick up at the station to bring you to the trail head!
Please click the link here to purchase tickets on the VY website.
NOTE: Occasionally tickets will be re-routed to a bus from Oslo S – Kongsberg with a train transfer from Kongsberg – Drangedal.

The weekend Get Away to Drangedal «In Nature with Food Studio» costs 3700,- pr person including:
Two overnight stays, dinner friday and saturday, breakfast saturday and sunday, lunch saturday, workshops in nature skills including making and sleeping in your own gapahuk with Irene Hirsti Kvam, outdoor guide. Outdoor natural sauna spa-experience saturday evening, body and mind practices reconnecting with nature, guided by Caroline Hargreaves. Wild cooking and foraging together with the weekends food guide.

Note that there is a limited number of seats and that the booking is binding and the purchase non-refundable. We are closely following all restrictions related to covid-19 and reserve our right to cancel. If so, a refund of 90% of total cost will be given.

Contact to book, or book directly using Vipps #111662.
Choose Retreat (last in menu) “Get Away – In Nature”, pay using Vipps and the reservation is made! 
We are looking forward to see you there!

photos by Alexander Benjaminsen