— Weather Diary

This autumn saw the launch of Marimekko's new Weather Diary collection. The Finnish textile and clothing design house has created a new interior decoration collection inspired by seasonal weather patterns, as well as the palate of colours a Nordic autumn brings. Food Studio was tasked with creating a food concept for the collection's Norwegian launch.

Designed by Finnish illustrator and print designer Aino-Maija Metsola, the Weather Diary collection reflect the natural forces of sun, wind, rain, cold, and heat. The result is a poetic, almost ethereal collection of striking water colour patterns. Patterns that are stunningly set off by the crisp, minimal lines of the Oiva tablewear, designed by Sami Ruotsalainen.

Aino-Maija’s designs act as a homage to the archipelagos near Helsinki, where she lives. About the inspiration behind this collection she says:

“I started to work on the theme by concentrating on things that are close to me. I live on an island and I sail during summertime so most of the inspiration comes from the Finnish archipelago.”

The end result is a bold, yet subtle design. Her themes explore how weather affects our lives and moods and seek to evoke thoughts, feelings or memories of the Nordic coastline.



Food Studio was invited to provide the food concept for the Norwegian launch of the Weather Diary collection at Marimekko‘s store on Oslo’s Hegdehaugsveien. For Marimekko, collaborating with Food Studio seemed a natural fit.

Ine Nordbo, manager of Marimekko’s Hegdehaugsveien store explains:

“It was actually a little bit of a struggle to figure out who we wanted to work with. There’s a certain profile that we’d like to have in collaboration with the Weather Diary … In the end I wrote to Ny Nordisk Mad and they said Food Studio would be perfect for you. And it is absolutely perfect; both the visual part, the food and the ideology behind Food Studio.”

Food Studio founder, Cecilie Dawes, and designer Runa Klock came up with a food concept that would echo the organic feel of the Weather Diary designs as well as the clean lines of the Oiva tableware. Runa describes the thought process behind the food:

“The Weather Diary products reflect the weather and nature, and the food and its visual representation is an extension of that. The cress and herbs bring nature inside, and the colours and form of the apple rolls and kale chips are in harmony with the patterns. Also, the fresh tastes focus our minds on the crisp and fresh autumn season.”

Dense slices of rye bread were served with local organic cheeses. A homemade carrot jam was made with carrots from Ramme Gård and was a perfect accompaniment to the cheese. Visually striking bowls of crisp kale chips dusted with salt were a tasty and healthy snack that were washed down with a cooling cucumber and mint drink.

A touch of sweetness was provided by some apple and cinnamon ‘leather’ rolls, neatly arranged on sticks in Marimekko Weather Diary jugs. In addition, coffee from a single smallholder farmer in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, was served – full of flavours of jasmine, bergamot, peach and citrus.

Thanks to MarimekkoTingstad EmballasjeOluf LorentzenTim WendelboeÅpent BakeriDen Blinde Kuand Wilfa.