Favorite stop
— Bakeriet i Lom

Food studio loves road trips. Most of all we love the stops along the way. The bakery “Bakeriet i Lom” is one of those places. It's a real gem. The bakery is located in the small mountain village Lom, a few hours’ drive from Oslo, not far from the national park Jotunheimen. The man behind it, Morten Schakenda, has been a great inspiration for Food Studio.

He was a well-known chef in Oslo, tired of the late night shifts and wanting to do something completely different. After working at Åpent Bakeri for a couple of years, learning the craft properly, he left the city and turned an old shed into the vibrant heart of the village Lom. Here the bread is always freshly baked in wood-fired ovens, and they never turn to easy solutions.
To make good bread you need two things; enough time and quality ingredients.

A stop at Bakeriet I Lom is something you will remember. Our best advice is to get on the road this summer: