— Movatn

This year in Oslo we have been lucky to have a lot of snow right our backyard in the forests of Nordmarka. At the end of the season, when most people are already in spring mode, we wanted to show our love for winter, and snow, one last time. 
We packed our backpacks with two goat legs, some winter root veggies and made sure to put enough “klister” on our skies for the warm snow. Only 40 minutes from Oslo, Movatn (still inside the city boarder) offered us a beautiful day – skiing, cooking on the fire, and a sunny feast with friends.

If you are in Oslo this Easter, our best advice is to get out and say a proper good bye to old man winter.

Thank you Fuglen for beautiful coffee, Fokhol farm for the overwintered root vegetables, Rørosmeieriet for dairy, Wine from Non Dos, Hegli Sjølbergingsbruk for dried vegetable bullion and mushrooms.