Forgotten Skills of Cooking
— Fermenting Vegetables

We were very excited about the event that marked the beginning of The Forgotten Skills of Cooking–series – four courses in February and April 2016 where we explore food that is "alive". Through fermentation techniques from all over the world, ancient old cultures that is still used and using less used parts of meat production and turning it into a nutrition bomb.

The first part of this series was about vegetables, and how we can use simple techniques and ingredients to start a process that enhances the nutritional value of the vegetables, as well as making it possible to store it for years. Read the article about “Alive food” here.

The course was held at Prindseloftet – the Food Studio’s head quarters, which you can read about here. And course host Bård Watn took everyone through a journey of tastes, nutrition and co-creation.

We want to thank Lille Tøyen Kolonial for providing excellent vegetables for us this evening.

Photographs by Alexander Benjaminsen.