Film Festival
— Oslo Pix

Oslo Pix is an international film festival which was organized for the first time in 2017. The festival showcased features, documentaries and shorts films from North America and Europe, with a special focus on Nordic Cinema. Its main ambition is to create a new Scandinavian hotspot, for emerging directors and well-established masters of cinema. This year they celebrated the World Environment Day with a full day program from early morning with outdoor disco with eco-glitter to workshop activities and evening panel debates.

Together with a beautiful crowd of Oslo Change makers we celebrated The World Environment Day at Oslo Pix. Our role was to do a Food Empathy workshop with taste of chapati of food grain with excess accessories. We collaborated with chef Magnus Morveto from Food Evolution, Bydelsrusken and the youths from JobbUNG Løkka. The leftover food was donated by Rema1000 Fredensborg and Røtter St. Hans Haugen.

The event was kicked off with Morning BEAT, sustainable outdoor disco with eco-glitter and free breakfast for the first meeting from Too Good To Go and coffee from Oslo Pix to anyone with their own recycling cup. It was free Yoga with Olav Oyogi Sætershagen. Guerrilla Plastic Movement made plastic art with kids.

The environmental organizations shared their passionate commitment: Spire, Organic Norway and the Future in our hands. Almgard ice cream offered the most beautiful ice cream. The Northern Company had seaweed and tare on the menu. You could taste the food of the future at Larvae. Too Good To Go spinned the happiness wheel.

You could meet some of the nominees for the Oslo Environment Prize: Green Spirit,, Elife electricity bikes and Mask. Look through microscopy with VitalAnalysis – to see that the soil is alive! Repairable had a tailor at a repair shop and you could get advice and guidance. Restarters Oslo provided advice and helped you with small electrical  repairs. You could sew your own recycling bag at Mari Melilot and learn about textile and consumption.

The evening program featured Inspired! Pix Environmental talk with committed people and organizations. You get eg. hear appeal from the special agent Torje from the Environmental Agents and the train torch Kristian Skjellum Aas gives you train inspiration. There was live recording with Behind the food – a podcast on sustainability by Caroline Ålum Solberg with guest Jan Thomas Odegard, head of the Development Fund. It was Slampoesi with Fredrik Høyer. A Concertwith the environmentally-engaged musician Marte Wulff. Climate clash: about activating the silent majority to become heroes in the climate fight. Premiere of the movie “Brølebølgen”.

The environmental day ended with outdoor cinema with the Pixar classic WALL-E.
The festival is a partnership between Nordisk Film Kino and The Oslo Festival Agency (Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret).


Words by Cecilie Dawes

Photography by Johnny Vaet Nordskog