— At Bergholmen

We all need a creative and inspirational boost, also when we are freelancers or independent workers. This autumn we gathered a group of female friends at Bergholmen to inspire each other.

Cooking, fishing, doing yoga, sharing reflections and ending with a mini workshop by Helene Habberstad on the method from the book Existential Kink, by the author Carolyn Elliott. We highly recommend the book and the tools. The result was one of the most nourishing moments we had this autumn.

“As we dreamers make our souls into evolved fields, our genius is nutured and our presence and everything we create becomes charged and capable of positively altering the fields of others. In this process, we become more essentially human-which is to say, paradoxically, more divine.”
― Carolyn Elliot

Photo: Heidi Fagerlid
Text: Cecilie Dawes