Winter Wilderness Experience

Get Away with Food Studio into the forests of Oslo. With just a 15 minute ride on the subway we will take you on a true norwegian outdoor experience in the great forests surrounding Oslo. We will share with you our stories of Food Empathy, and of course a healthy and sustainable meal cooked over open fire. We believe that sustainable change comes from true experiences. When something is experienced, felt and sensed, connections that otherwise might be lost are instead created. Experience is manifested both in body and mind, and inspires us towards change.

This slow adventure will give you the opportunity to get out and in touch with nature on a regular weekday, with the feeling of getting away and taking a break from everything, just enjoying nature and its peace and quiet. Today, many are growing up without learning any skills on how to behave in the nature, and many of us have lost our connection with nature, and do not longer see ourselves as a part of it. We believe that reconnecting and creating a personal relation with nature will, in addition to give you a healthy and meaningful life, also have a positive impact on the severe challenges related to climate crisis and environmental pollution. Food Studio has since its beginning been about sharing knowledge of sustainable living. And this evening is no exception, giving you some tools to create your own outdoor experiences in the future.

Taking a hike in the forest is part of a great Norwegian tradition, it is what we call «friluftsliv», and many of us take it for granted. Oslo is a very special situated city with its surrounding forests, and offers great nature experiences close by. We will take you on a hike on a trail without artificial lighting, and make our camp off trail, close to a nice little river. Here we will make a vegetarian meal based on seasonal local produce. The food we bring has been dried using the old traditional methods of preserving food and are naturally energy efficient. The hike to the campsite is only around 40 minutes, as we want this to be something you can do later on your own as a nice part of your daily life. To be connected with nature, does not require advanced equipment, or a whole weekend, it can also be about making a nice meal over the bonfire. Nevertheless, note that the hike is quite steep so be prepared for more than just “a little walk”. This little get away might be the next step for you to get more outdoors, be in movement and connected with nature. Either you are an experienced hiker or have just started, we hope this evening will inspire you towards change.

The experience Includes
Seasonal and sustainable 3 course menu, based on local and organic produce. First course will be served as a snack at first checkpoint on the tour. When we reach base camp you will get a warm welcome drink and the opportunity to get to know your group even better, sharing a meal made together and enjoyed over bonfire.

What to bring in your backpack
– warm clothes (we recommend wool)
– a bottle of fresh drinking water (apprx. 0,5l)
– a lantern (if you have)

Getting there
We will meet up at Food Studios office location, Storgata 36 C, to collect and hand out necessary gear and cutlery. From here we will take the subway line 1 to “skådalen” and start our hike. Make sure to have the right train ticket from “ruter” zone 1. We end our journey the same place as we started, outside our location at Storgata 36 C.

If you are a group of people who would like a private tour, contact us for dates and details. We are happy to make an experienced suited for your needs! Contact us on

Enjoy a Sustainable meal made togheter