Forgotten Skills
— of Carpentry

For us this is a process to both honor the tradition and the wisdom of the old mindset and handcraft, but at the same time find ways that fits the society we live in today, our tools of innovation and our way of living.

The second course out is restoring the original windows. The course will be led by Chris Nerdal in Sekel AS.

Course details:
Location: Vefallneset small farm Drangedal Telemark
When: 2 days – Saturday 15.06 – Sunday 16.06
Accommodation: Rooms / lavo / tent / hammock
Food: Includes 3 meals a day with traditional food based on local ingredients
Price: 950,- NOK
Participants: 8
Course in Norwegian

What you will learn
This course is designed to provide you with practical skills and theoretical knowledge that is necessary to restore and preserve windows in an effective and authentic way. After completing the course, you will be left with concrete skills and knowledge that you can use immediately in your own restoration project. You will also receive a course certificate as confirms your participation and knowledge in window restoration.

➢ Two-day intensive course for practical maintenance and repair of old windows.
➢Includes linseed oil firing, glass cutting, linseed oil painting, puttying and simple wood repairs.
➢ Purpose: Provide a basic understanding of old windows’ structure, function and maintenance.
➢ Focus on safety, environment and fire risk.
➢ Practical training in assessment of window condition, removal of paint, repair of injuries and more.
➢ Experienced instructor provides guidance and demonstrations of restoration methods and use of tools.
➢ Open to both beginners and experienced craftsmen.
➢ Interactive learning environment with opportunity for questions and individual guidance.
➢ After completing the course, you will receive concrete skills and a course certificate.
➢ We provide the necessary tools, windows and a booklet on window restoration.

Our experienced instructor will guide you through practical demonstrations and exercises, like this that you get hands-on experience with the various restoration methods and tools that used in the industry. You will also learn about material selection, historical considerations and modern ones techniques to ensure that the restoration is in line with the window’s original style and aesthetics. We emphasize an interactive and engaging learning experience, where you want it opportunity to ask questions, discuss best practice and receive individual guidance.

For questions:
Chris Nerdal
Sekel AS
955 22 312


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