— Table Reset

Since 1881 Iittala’s timeless design has gone from being familiar in Finland and Scandinavia, to becoming a well known table- and cookware brand all over the world. This particular event was meant to inspire people to rethink how we gather around tables and food. How do we set aside time to eat with friends and family? How do we not just decorate our tables for weekends and special events, but for weekdays too? Iittala wanted to focus on just this and to inspire people to make room to meet around food in their busy lives.
On a  sunny Thursday spring morning Food Studio was invited to Illums Bolighus to be part of Table Reset – a breakfast talk hosted by Iittala. The event was open to Illum’s customers and over 60 earlybirds had taken the time to come by for breakfast served by Food Evolution, and to listen to talks by Marte Faafeng from Iittala and our very own Eva De Moor.
Magnus Morveto from Food Evolution served up coconut chia pudding topped with grapefruit, toast with black bean hummus and pickled carrot and rutabaga, and apples covered in sweet and buttery caramel sauce. All accompanied by a chili, cranberry and pomegranate juice from Caliente. He talked about using local and seasonal ingredients when cooking and the importance of sharing a meal with friends or family a few times a week.
Eva shared pictures and talked about Food Studio’s Getaways, a seasonal dinner open for anyone to join taking place four times a year at secret locations around Oslo. The getaways are all about making conversation about food and cooking – often out in nature – always around an improvised table (made from rocks, wood or whatever the location has to offer). Hopefully this inspired everyone that came for the event, to rethink how we can create spaces for food and conversation.
Iitalia had also invited four Norwegian food and lifestyle influencers: Gitte and Filip from 52moreyears, Elisabeth Heier and Nussara Guldberg from Just Another Food Story shared their thoughts on the topic, and presented their take on a how to use Iittala to decorate an inspiring table.
“We belive there are no set rules
for setting a table. You make the
rules. Sometimes you even bend
them to set the mood.
We encourage you to clear
the table. To mix old with new.
To rethink routine and ritual.
To be curious and playful.”
/ Iittala