Further On
— to Land

Further On… to Land is the culmination of ten years work on a public art project in Bjørvika by international art collective Futurefarmers and the beginning of a three-year pilgrimage by Oslo-based baker, Emmanuel Rang. A small group of determined walkers started from Losæter during ØKOUKA, walked along the Norwegian Pilgrimage route to Brandbu and the farm of Johan Swärd.

At the heart of this walk is the intention to connect the urban and rural agrarian practices in hopes of keeping this connection alive – always highlighting the work of the peri-urban farmers who feed us.

The group carried, and will continue to carry, urkorn grown at Losæter and a library of breads baked as symbols of the commons and a slow, durable economy. Later, the urban group wil stop along the route to meet more farmers, restore bakehouses in ruin and draw attention to the social and material act of farming and baking as critical resources to preserve.

Photography by Jo Straube