Mindful Innovation
— A brewery without noise

In between green fields and the windy country roads of Vejle, lies Bøgedal Brewery. Gitte and Casper's love for the farm, barley, and animals, have resulted in a deep-rooted alchemy between the place, its people and its natural elements.

As part of a growing community working with a sustainable, circulatory way of producing and living, they look to the past for inspiration on how to create a better tomorrow. The inspiration for their drive for innovation stems from the wish of an approach to wealth and value creation based in the ideas of the deep ecology-movement.

«Recently a friend helped us out in the brewery. He came to the conclusion that we were running a very sustainable innovative production. His measure was the level of sound. If it’s low you don’t waist energy he concluded. I find that interesting and full of potential for the future to come,» Gitte recently wrote on her Facebook page.

At first glance, Casper and Gitte’s approach to beer production and way of life may seem nostalgic and old fashioned. But when you actually think about it, it is the other way around, and we are very grateful that these wonderful people are opening their home and letting us learn first hand. What they are doing at Bøgedal is exploring a visionary and innovative approach to a sustainable future – and we think the world needs to take notice.

Words by Hanne Gideonsen

Photography by Svein Kjøde