Morgendagens bibliotek
— Offentlig kunnskapsutveksling

På en varm, kanskje til og med usedvanlig varm, septemberdag i Oslo hadde Food Studio, Deichmanske bibliotek og Quo Vadis invitert til Nabolagsbord – en dag fylt med samtaler, omvisning, hønsebesøk fra Tøyentuppene og ansiktsmaling for barn – før det hele kulminerte i en middag laget på lokale råvarer fra hagen på Schous plass og Losæter.


An Introduction to
— Nordic Brewing

Scandinavia used to have a rich tradition of brewing beer stretching back hundreds of years. However, over the last few decades this skill seemed to have fallen out of favour. Recently, however, this forgotten art of craft beer-making has been resurrected by small-scale breweries across Scandinavia to great success. Here, Food Studio takes a look at what makes the Nordic approach to brewing beer so special.


Rebel Dining
— Nordic Vorspiel

So... what happens when London rebels team up with Oslos Food Studio to have their take on the nordic vorspiel tradition?


Shetland kale and fall roasted vegetable salad

This Wednesday dinner was a synergy between Food Studio, Losæter and the Norwegian Seed Savers. We brought vegetables from the five historical varieties profiled via From Seed to Serving grown on a farm outside Oslo and half a sheep from another farm. Together we made the following five dishes.


Mutton — Ewe got to try it!

Sheep are all right ("sauer er ålreite dyr"), our then Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland said some years back. And they are. Sheep have a long tradition in Norway. They supply us with wool for our cold winters. They take care of our landscape. They can give us milk, and every year the adult females, the ewes, provide new lambs that we feast on when autumn arrives.


Walk along water
— Allemannsretten

By walking we ask questions By walking we make a path 7-9 of June Flatbread Society with Oslo Apiary invited to a three-day journey from Losæter, Oslo, to the Henie Onstad Art Center, Bærum. This walk connects these two sites via the coastline. At once a commons and a site of rapid enclosure, this coastline will be activated by a group of bodies as a means to keep it free and open and inline with Norway’s, "all mans right to roam": allemannsretten.


Klimafestival på biblioteket
— Et overskuddbord!

Snøen hadde ikke ligget lenge på fortauene, og bakken var glatt og minusgradene holdt seg stabilt. Utenfor Schous bibliotek på Grünerløkka knitret det ivrig fra bålet og nysgjerrige forbipasserende satt seg ned på benkene og fikk en varmende kopp med ingefærgløgg som fått nytt liv. Det var tid for det årlige overskuddsbordet, et langbord dekket for alle byens innbyggere med maten man trodde ingen ville ha.


Siste måltid
— for miljøhovedstaden Oslo

2019 var året Oslo fikk status som europeisk miljøhovedstad. 675 miljørelaterte arrangementer rundt om i Oslos gater, bygg og natur. I desember var det duket for det avsluttende festmåltidet og Food Studio stod for veiledning av meny og dekor. En blanding av lokale beboere, politikere og arrangører strømmet inn hovedinngangen til Rådhuset 16.desember.


Mussels with Birch Sap Aspic

For the spring season’s event, Food Studio gathered guests on an island in the Oslo Fjord for full day of foraging, fishing and fun. The catch of the day was put together by chef Magnus Morveto, together with Food Studio's own chefs, to create an intriguing menu, full of nature’s own surprises.


Bøgedal Bryghus
— Visit the brewery

This March we paid a visit to Bøgedal Bryghus in Vejle, Denmark to visit the mastermind brewer couple Gitte Holmboe and Casper Vorting. Their use of traditional brewing methods as well as ancient grain types result in some of the most interesting beers around.


Bøgedal Bryghus
— Godtøl & Traditions

Bøgedal Bryghus, a small craft brewery located in Jylland in Denmark, delivers beer for a number of acclaimed restaurants, including Noma and Aamanns in Copenhagen, as well as Maaemo in Oslo. Their beers are especially celebrated for the full-bodied malt flavor, the result of an old traditional brewing method making the so-called “Godtøl”, directly translated good beer. And good beer it certainly is.


A New Food Future
— EAT Forum

We waste food enough to feed one billion people, yet growing your own carrots can get you in jail. The very first EAT Food Forum in Stockholm this spring gave us some spicy mouthfuls.


Sumi and Shu
— By Yuri Shimojo

When I was a child, the act of painting or drawing was always the way of communication. It was also my only weapon which can protect my own realm, and make the realm visible with my own hand. When I work on illustrations, I always keep this in mind. On our latest journey to Japan we were lucky to work with Yuri in Osaka. Inspired by her work we wanted to share her story with you here.


— What's Cooking?

MAD is sharpening the knives, mobilizing chefs from all over the world to use their powers both inside and outside the kitchen. Fighting for social sustainibility, a better distribution of resources and a change in the economical structure. At the 4th MAD symphosium in Copenhagen, the pot was boiling around some very important questions; «What's Cooking? What's Changing? What's Not Working?»


Up Norway
— At Losæter

In October, Up Norway celebrated its 1st anniversary. Food Studio together with baker Emmanuel Rang were invited to host the celebration, and the chosen location was Losæter.


Farmers of the Future
— Who are you?

“It’s fantastic that you come here, that you’re interested in seeing and learning. But,” Sidsel smiles and exclaims: “someone has to do this work every day. Who are they? And when will they come and do it?” We are gathered around the long wooden table in the wash house. Conversation is flowing, and the heat from the fireplace is melting our backs. Fresh baked bread from the oven, soup with freshly harvested vegetables, wine in our water glasses. It’s the day before the fall Get Away, and we, the Food Studio team, are at Hegli farm in Nannestad, a short hour from the capital city.


Julemiddag på biblioteket
— Et overskuddbord!

Siden julen 2009 har Charity of Food arrangert juleeventet “En jul for alle” i ulike format. Fra oppstarten har fokuset vært på å skape en magisk dag i fellesskapets navn – med korsang, underholdning og samtaler rundt et bord. Et gratis julebord for alle i byen. Initiativet kom fra Charity of Food i Sverige, og desember 2016 ble det første norske arrangementet avholdt på Schous bibliotek på Grunerløkka i Oslo. Fokuset for eventet var denne gangen rettet mot matsvinn.


Kutt Matsvinn
— Festival

Det kastes mat for mange milliarder kroner per år i Norge. Det er ikke bærekraftig, verken for lønnsomhet, miljø eller av etiske årsaker. Norsk serveringsbransje er enig om å redusere matsvinnet med 20 prosent innen 2020.


Forgotten Traditions
— Of Food

The medicine that changed my life. Four years ago, on one dark, melancholic winter’s eve, I found myself lying on the couch watching Netflix. Sounds familiar, right? The problem was, for me at that time, it felt like the only thing I could muster.  Yes, I went to work. Yup, I did the dishes and the laundry. I prepared food, showered and walked my dog. But compared to what I used to be able to do--and what I longed to do--it felt like all I did was lay on the couch, barely processing what I was watching.


The taste of Ålesund
— Max Hansen

In late August a food festival was arranged in the coastal city of Ålesund, in the west of Norway. Kristin Hove, the author of “Mellom bakkar og berg”; a book about locally produced food from all over the country, was invited for a pop-up dinner to present the best the region has to offer.


— Invited by Bøgedal

2nd of February we gather a group of collaborators, friends and new acquaintances in Kødbyen, Copenhagen, for a night of exploring, conversation and dining. Gitte Holmboe of Bøgedal Bryghus and chef Thomas Randsøe, along with Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand from Koppi, made sure we ate and drank well. The guest of honor this night was Stéphane Meyer and Lise Kvan, from the Jura region of France and Paris respectively.


— At Hegli

We are a collective of people who are establishing a CSA (community shared agriculture) at Hegli farm in Nannestad. We are aiming to be as self sustained as possible and to share the knowledge of conserving and culturing from field to table on our way. We invite you to be a part of this by becoming a share holder, by contributing to the work and seminars in the garden, participate at the community dinners or just by sharing the word.


People, Seeds
— Belonging Together

Cock-a-doodle-doo! The rooster Tor-Ild calls early in the morning Saturday, June 13th. During the summer, this usually happens twice: first, around five as the sun starts to warm up the hen house and then around 7:30, when it is time to wake. I peek out the window and see the green leaves on the trees move gently. The weather is nice, a few scattered clouds and some glints of sunlight. The air is clear and filled with the scents of early summer: shots of spruce, lilac, grass, forget-me-not, manure, lily of the valley, birch, roses, pine, lichen, timo- thy, and soil; the sun-heated fur of horses and dogs.


Nordic Ayurveda 
— Our Modern Bio-Rhythm

In the search for solutions that recognize the interconnectedness of root causes, my pilgrimage led me to the Ayurvedic system of healing. Can the legacy of Eastern medicine traditions contribute to our quest towards restoring balance and reviving our connection to nature?


Nordic Satya Retreat
— Voss, Norway

The Norwegian mountains realms painted the backdrop for an exploration into the world’s oldest, unbroken traditions of self-healing and spiritual awakening.


Flatbread Society
— Soil Procession

Why are 50 farmers marching in Oslo on a Saturday afternoon? No, they are not in town to demonstrate. They are giving some of their best soil to the most urban of places, Losæter in Bjørvika, where The Flatbread Society is creating a green space for growing food.


— Overskuddsbord

I 2019 utviklet vi en håndbok for Oslo Kommune i hvordan lage Overskuddsbord. Vi kaller det overskuddsbord for å vise at matrester og svinn egentlig er ressurser. Butikker, spisesteder og matprodusenter har ofte et overskudd av matvarer som de av ulike grunner ikke kan selge, og ofte ender opp med å kaste. Ved å spørre om å få denne overskuddsmaten, kan den heller gjøres om til et festmåltid som mange kan få glede av. De som deltar på et overskuddsbord, kan få servert budskapet om å ta vare på ressurser og kaste mindre mat gjennom en positiv matopplevelse – uten en moraliserende pekefinger.


Get Away Summer
— Into the Woods

After a long, hot summer, the woods are changing and preparing for autumn. The change can be felt in the air, which is now filled with the smells of berries, herbs and fungus. It is the time just before harvest, and the time when the cattle come back from summer dairy. It is the warmest month of the year, when the fish seek to the deepest part of the lakes to cool off. The dense forest is moist, hot and mystically dark – intensively yielding its last produce before the inset of autumn.


Get Away Summer
— Lislerud Gård

You know it is the month of August when the days are sunny and warm, but the nights remind us that it won’t be long till the leaves turn yellow and orange. This is the time to harvest the fresh, delicious vegetables the soil has produced over the summer. On our Summer Get Away, we travelled to Lislerud farm to do just that.


Wild Plants
— As Food And Medicine

My love for wild plants as food and medicine started when I worked as a budeie, or a milk maid, at a sæter (summer pasture) in Hemsedal in the middle of the mountains. There I stayed in a small cabin without any electricity, water or toilet. I would wake up early in the mornings to milk the cows with the owner. We would make heavy cream and sour cream with a hand-powered milk separator and we would repeat the process after dinner.


Torn figs, blue cheese & mascarpone

In the spring of 2015, Food Studio travelled to Melbourne to explore Merri Creek and its long and compelling food growing history. Have a look at the menu of the evening and to recipes by local food hero Matt Wilkinson!


Get Away
— Edible Paris

This summer, Food Studio crossed the sea to bring a Nordic Get Away experience to the french capital. We spent an evening biking through Paris, visiting Holybelly and Parc de Belleville for a herbology workshop, before sitting down and enjoy a picknick with fresh vegetables from the market.


Get Away Spring
— By the Shore

Our new series of seasonal getaways all started with a magnificent spring day by the fjords of Oslo. We explored the natural delicacies the sea had to offer - oysters, cockles, mussels and all sorts of wild growths that we could pick in the surrounding hills and forests, turning it into a meal together at the end of the eve.


— on the Art of Care

Fremja is a new social therapeutic initiative in Norway for youths and grown-ups that for different reasons need adapted work or living situations. Frode Wendelboe is one of the founders and calls himself an artist of care. We had a talk about the need to merge ecological and social work and why the solutions are interdependent.


The Vidar Clinic
— A Place to Nurture and Heal

Try and ask any child to come along with you to a hospital. You’d probably find that most would dread it – the grey corridors, the sterile environment,  the chemical smells, the absence of life. Hospitals are usually not a place you come to be invigorated, but, rather, a place to be avoided at all costs. So, let's then picture an ideal hospital ... a place dedicated to promoting life, beauty and health on all levels.


Favorite stop
— Bakeriet i Lom

Food studio loves road trips. Most of all we love the stops along the way. The bakery “Bakeriet i Lom” is one of those places. It's a real gem. The bakery is located in the small mountain village Lom, a few hours’ drive from Oslo, not far from the national park Jotunheimen. The man behind it, Morten Schakenda, has been a great inspiration for Food Studio.


Nordgard Aukrust
—Autumnal Days

October 2011 we visited Nordgard Aukrust Farm in Lom. The invitation to experience the offerings of autumn, as well as a cooking course with Maaemos’ Esben Holmboe Bang tempted Food Studio to Nordgard Aukrust Farm during the past harvest season.


Our Fertility
— Being Aware of Our Cycles

Siri Kalla is the first certified Fertility Awareness educator in Norway and founder of Our Fertility, a platform for sharing knowledge about holistic reproductive health and the female body. In this interview she tells us why the method of Fertility Awareness can help you gain profound knowledge about your body and self, and how creating an inner sustainable health directly  relates to sustainability on a macro level. 


On Silence
— Being Aware of the Phenomena

Can silence be a superpower? What is the potential of slowing it all down and diving into the practice of listening? Poet and researcher Olga Lehmann has studied what silence can do to us, our multi-layered health and everyday wellbeing.


— A dinner in the fields

It was an ordinary Thursday of late September: it had been raining quite heavily, but the weather forecasts were promising. The garden looked fabulous and the greenhouse was in place in the middle of a field, a stone's throw from the king's old residence in Bygdøy.