Our team develops sustainability strategies and will help with communicating what your business/organization is doing to give more back to society and nature. We work multi-disciplinary with projects where social and environmental concerns are at the core. In addition, we continue to offer our seasonal Get Aways, neighbourhood tables/excess food tables, activities for festivals/events and unique food experiences at Oslo’s city farm Losæter. Our magazine Hauste is published once a year.

Get Aways

We believe that learning comes easy with first-hand experience. We therefore invite you to pack your backpack and join us for a seasonal workshop and dinner where you take part in harvesting, foraging and making dinner. Perfect as a teambuilding experience.


  • Content customized to your business
  • As a gift to business partners or colleagues
  • As a gift included in a Get Away or Losæter experience

A unique farm to table experience at Losæter

This suits perfectly for anyone wanting to organize a spring, summer or autumn gathering out of the ordinary. Customized to your needs. Read more here.

Neighbourhood-/excess food tables

Contact us for an offer customized to your needs.


Our experience includes:

  • Harvesting/foraging: workshop and/or talk/presentation
  • A seasonal menu
  • Knowledge gained through experience-based activities
  • Documentation/photography and text
  • Gift bag with Hauste magazine
  • Forgotten skills of cooking: workshop and/or talk/presentation

Design/visual communications

A team of professional photographers, filmmakers, writers and illustrators can offer:

  • Content for your digital platforms, including social media
  • Graphic design
  • Designing identity/profiles for businesses and organizations
  • Facilitating city-development projects
  • Customized content in our magazine Hauste


We offer advice, inspiration and workshops in:

  • Sustainable business development
  • Innovative partnerships
  • Service design
  • Slow entrepreneurship coaching
  • Sustainability in practice

All our services are offered on-demand. Contact us for info and prices on at post@foodstudio.no.

In 2018, our main contributors to these services were Food Evolution, Growlab Oslo, Herbanists, Åpent Bakeri, Westbye, Indre Oslo Matforedling, Tim Wendelboe and Passion for Ocean.

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