A Gathering
— Future Storytellers

We had the honor of working with National Geographic this summer at Losæter urban farm in Oslo. Together we hosted two groups of teenagers travelling from America, all of whom are aspiring photographers, cultural anthropologists and journalist. 

To share the bounty of a Nordic summer harvest in an urban environment is a rather unique experience for youth in our modern culture. Every year humans are living further from where food is grown and produced. The Scandinavian model of community, combined with the growing popularity of urban farms, was a real treat to share with international students hungry to learn, explore and change the world.

After harvesting their own salads, vegetables for roasting and strawberries for dessert, the students experienced Losæter’s beautiful wood fired oven in all it’s glory – homemade flat breads and pizza!
There is nothing quite like the quality and simplicity of fresh, healthy food straight out of a garden. Especially when harvested by hand with all your friends.