— the first supper

On the beautiful and warm Ascension day in the beginning of May the Norwegian Goethe Institute invited for a meal a little out of the ordinary - a cultural meeting between various participants of the FREIRAUM project, joining together around a long table on the occasion of the Milano delegation visiting the city. "Freiraum" is a common project of the Goethe-Instituts in Europe, in cooperation with 53 actors from culture, science and civil society. Until March 2019, around 40 European cities are exploring the issue: What is freedom in Europe to day? Where is it endangered? How do we strengthen it?

This sunny May day the famous German director Jon Bosse was in Oslo in order to create an improvisation between the actor Modou Gueeye, from Senegal but living in Milano and and Camara Joof, living in Oslo but with a background from Gambia. The question being explored was what does it mean to be an alien and the title read: «Who are you and how can we make a present together?»  

This shared meal was a warm up for the special evening event, not a last supper but a first supper – in order to meet with strangers on a common ground. And which place would fit more nicely than to come together at Losæter, an actual real free space and a public oasis, a breathing city farm in in the middle of the concrete jungle. Food Studio was hosting the event and together with Food Evolution presenting our concept of  “Surplus Table” (Overskuddsbord) – a delicious meal made out of food that would otherwise be thrown away and not used. In order to make it a common piqunick all the guest had also brought some small dish or food item to share, and the table was soon overflowing in tasty abundance. Magnus Morveto from Food Evolution presented a variety of dishes made from surplus food, among them there were biodynamic beets with chevre, turnip salad with spelt, raspberry crumble and much more … And so the talking and laughter in several different languages was soon to be combined with happy gobbling around the long shared table –  a first supper to be continued.

A warm thank you to all our partners making this special FREIRAUM surplus-table possible:, Åpent bakeri og   Matsentralen and our ever so fabulous coffee partners Tim Wendelboe.

Photo by Matthis Kleeb Solheim

Words by Mira Beckstrøm Laurantzon